Indie Published Short Story!

Working on getting a short story up on Smashwords. I’ll probably have the cover art finished by tomorrow, but if you want to check it out before then I have it for free right now. Cover art is getting updated soon, so it can get put on other retailers. I would appreciate constructive criticism on ways to improve or any errors that I’ve made.


The devil is in the details…

Writing is hard work, crazy and sometimes fulfilling.Na, let’s just ponder for a moment. This might be a poem, but I’m not so sure. ┬áIt might just be the rambling of a crazy lady… We may never know.

Descriptive writing, descriptive dying, brain don’t fail me now.

Pajama’d legs, I’m working, no I’m actually playing Farmville.

Need to function, the next few lines is my ticket to the big time.

Write, write, write, never quite enough, strive for more and fight the block.

Death from above, sleep never comes.



Whenever I work on outlines, I get frustrated. I want to get ahead of myself instead of taking my time and planning it out properly. I don’t know what it is about these basic steps that makes me want to hurry up and get started, maybe its just the excitement of working on a new project. I have been outlining for days, and I hope to finish it up by the end of tonight. After that I can start on the writing and research step.