Starting over, once again.

Starting over is hard. I’ve been working hard at starting over on my novel. I was only about ten thousand words in, so it’s not a big loss, but I was finding that I didn’t have enough story to last through the novel. 

This is one of those things that happen, sometimes you have to rework your masterpiece in order to get it right. It isn’t something that any one relishes, but it’s totally worth all of the work. I look forward to getting my work back on track. I’m also renaming some characters, hoping that it will make them make a little more sense to me. While the major plot points aren’t changing there are a lot of things that are. I’m adding new characters, a group that will both help and hinder my protagonists at different points in the story. 



6 thoughts on “Starting over, once again.

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert said at a reading this week: “Your book is not your baby. It’s meant to be changed, hacked up and reworked…” And, I wish I was in your shoes. I worked ten years to set the ms aside and start over… but that starting over is now 1/3 done in a matter of months. In other words. It gets better. So do you. – Renee

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