I have a confession to make. Everyone who has read my blog knows that I’ve been ghostwriting as while I work on my own novel, trying to get finances sorted out. I have a confession to make in that regard. While I’ve signed the confidentiality agreements about the books that I have written and I’m not allowed to talk about the specific work that I’ve done, suffice it to say they have done fairly well.

Now I know that they have done fairly well, but it’s not because my employer told me. I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve looked up the work I’ve been doing. I’ve seen the listing on Amazon and read the reviews, even leaving a review on one of them secretly (under a pen name). I buy the books that I’ve written, the ones that I can find anyway and I read them, seeing how the editing has changed them.

It’s easy to take criticism when nobody knows your name. When it’s not your reputation at risk, but rather some nameless company that makes all of the profit off of your work, but I still pay attention to it. I read the reviews, especially the low ones and use it to improve myself. I read them and am a little insulted by the trolls that seem to litter the world of the internet, but there are some people who have honest complaints, and I pay attention to those.

A great example is that I had a complaint in the first novel I churned out for the company that the relationship moved to fast and another one that the couple spent to much time travelling. I’ve had other complaints that the sentences sometimes made very little sense and I noticed that. All of these things I paid attention to and took into account on my other stories. I’ve changed the things that needed to be changed, especially if there are several complaints outlining the same thing. I’ve tried to better my craft, but sometimes it feels like I’m losing a part of myself doing that. Some changes I understand, especially after I go back over my work, but other’s I don’t get. I follow the ones I can verify and make changes.


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