Working hard, not really!

I’ve been working a lot lately, but the problem is that I haven’t found much time to work on my own projects, instead I’m working on other people’s. While I’m grateful for the work, money’s been really tight lately, I know that I need to get to work on my own project. On one note I’ve sent an email to a publishing company. I’m hoping that they like my idea enough to give me an advance on my novel. Cross your fingers and wish me luck, but I’m expecting rejection (after all isn’t that what always happens the first time?)


8 thoughts on “Working hard, not really!

      • I’ve been working on a collaborative project with a friend. The ball’s in her court, so I’m waiting. I did write and submit a short story, waiting to hear on that. I’m going to be picking up the sequel (I’m over 50k into it, needed a break) to a YA novel, the time is just about right for that. I can tell because I find myself thinking about it in odd moments.

  1. Don’t sell yourself on the idea that you have to pay struggling dues before someone likes what youy have to offer. A good idea/concept and story doesn’t have to sit on the shelf til someone in the Life’s A F* Struggle Board of Trustee’s decided you, I or anyone else has paid out enough hardship. Sing your song in that book sister and if no one love’s it but you, at least you got to hear the words and sing your melody. If they love it & I’m sure they will accept all the good that comes with it and the timing in which it comes. You don’t have to wait 20 years to be successful, just tell a story years in the making that’s honest and soulful. I expect Great things from you!

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