Living on a writer’s budget.

When writing supports your family it becomes crucial to save money whenever you can. Sometimes a couple of extra hours can save you a bundle. My desk chair broke yesterday, but I didn’t freak out. You see I’ve got a particular set of skills. In fact my husband believes that I can psychically sense sales, but I’m not sure if it’s a psychic ability or just finely tuned instincts. 

Instead of going to the local office store, where I know that I can get a new desk chair super cheap, I left the house at nine in the morning and it wasn’t until noon that I found what I was after. It’s a strange thing to dig through ratty old furniture in order to find a new desk chair, but I did it, and I not only scored one, but two, at five dollars each. 

Get to know the thrift stores in your town. Digging through dusty shelves and hidden treasures might save you some money, but it might also give you some inspiration as you look at the neat things that other people have collected and gotten rid of. 



4 thoughts on “Living on a writer’s budget.

  1. I love rooting round second-hand stuff….you never know what you’re going to find and if you choose carefully you can pick up things that are far more interesting and better made than what you’d get for the same price or more on the high street. Some people like to be snobby about it, but that just means all the more opportunities for the rest of us 🙂

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