My Words, My Life

First, I would like to wish a happy anniversary to my amazing husband.

I haven’t been working on my project very much in the past couple of weeks. I’ve wanted to, but life interfered. I wish that I could stop getting distracted. I do it to myself in order to sabotage my own success and I know it. I know that I am capable of great things I would stop stopping myself.

I work, a ghost writer for hire, at a popular free lancing business.While the pay is nice, it’s frustrating that I bleed my soul onto paper for these stories for other people to take the credit for. Negotiating contracts and asking for raises just doesn’t feel like me.

I can say that I’m grateful to be able to support my family, however I am tired of selling my soul on other people. I need to get writing again. I need to start working on my life’s work and stop giving my word away to other people.



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