The beginning of the tale, the middle of the story.

When you start writing, it’s always a challenge. With much more trepidation than I expected I sat in front of the blank screen to begin writing and I found it challenging. This story has been so important, taunting me for so long that I haven’t known what to do about it, and now it is coming to fruition. To carry on my previous analogy, it is like the birth process. I have carried this child for so long that I am both eager and unwilling to bring it into the world.

I have written a few words, just a trickle into the bucket that will be my work, and already I have put thousands of hours of thought and effort into it. I have fought to bring my dream to light. It is a challenge, but extremely rewarding to finally start on the project. Sitting in front of the screen, pouring my soul onto paper is where I am meant to be, I love it and hate it at the same time.

I knew that it was going to be hard to manage family and a passion this overwhelming, and I am just starting to understand how little I understood about the hardship. I am finding myself snapping when I am interrupted and angry at myself for deleting so much to restart. It is a torrent of emotions that the artists feels when deeply invested in their work.

This is a long post, but perhaps my struggles and journeys will help another person understand the unique combination of joy and pain that an artist feels during the process. Perhaps someone will understand that I know what its like. I understand you’re agony, and I appreciate your success. Write on my new friends and family. Write on and bring your dream to life. I promise you that it will all be worth it in the end. This is your legacy and will live on long after you.



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