Finished the Outline!

I have just finished outlining my first novel. I can feel my heart beating, almost out of my chest as my husband goes through my outline to look for potential flaws and add notes to my work. I hate to wait, but I understand that this is proper way to do things. 

Last night, I held that spiral notebook in my arms. In that moment it was almost like finding out that you are pregnant. You know that you hold this life, this story within you, and it needs to be told. It fights and claws it way out of you, demanding to be heard. It is almost impossible to keep the secret, but it is important to keep your story within yourself until it ready to be told, just like the gestation period. I remember, when I was pregnant with both of my daughters that I had the same type of impatience. 

My husband is also working on a cover for me. I know that once I actually begin writing, it will be important for me to see my characters, to allow my vision to flow onto the paper. 


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